Tuesday, 10 November 2009

McDonalds Green Lane

Penang Free School is undoubtedly Green Lane McDonald's best customer. The McDonald's building was converted from a former bungalow and is located right next to a Shell station.
The other schools contributing to this branch's success is Hamilton School, Batu Lanchang, Georgetown School and Convent Green Lane.

The building has seen many upgrades as PFS and the other surrounding schools continue to pump profit into their pockets. In my tenure, I have seen McDonalds refurbish twice. Who knows how are things nowadays. The building features an ever evolving drive thru system which seems to be different every other year. Above, there is a play area for little kids and a birthday section! Only a handful of Penangites have not been into the building. The fastfood restaurant also features a Maybank ATM. Throughout my life, I have seen the restaurant shift its focus from kids to school goers.

The last I checked in 2005, the restaurant pays RM4.00 per hour.

Of the more interesting sight one can expect are:

1. Crowds of students on the upper floors making a total mess.
2. The local gangsters or samseng starting fights. News of fights go around quite fast and so you might also see:
3. Policemen, undercover and uniformed patrolling the area just to make sure no one gets hurt and occasionally:
4. Mr Lim Ah Seng, bringing the truant student back to the discipline room for skipping class.
5. Students spending the RM5 voucher that McD (as it is now called. In Australia its called Mackers) gives out ever so often.

I'm loving it.

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