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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Farok! The (Canteen) Man!

Not going anywhere: Farok (left) has spent most of his life at Penang Free School, first as a student and then as a canteen stall operator for 36 years now.

MOHD Farok Ibramasa has seen several principals and teachers come and go during his time at the topnotch SMK Penang Free School in Penang.

No, he is not a part of the academic staff but actually one of the school canteen stall operators for the past 36 years, which is no ordinary feat.

A former student of the school, he has not left the grounds of the institution during this period, except for a few years in an attempt to further his studies and to also find another type of job.

“I tried to further my studies and also work elsewhere for around two years but I did not like to be bossed around so I decided to start my own business,” said the 61-year-old.

“Actually, this stall that I am manning now was owned by another businessman but he was from Kuala Lumpur and he had businesses there. He wanted to return to Kuala Lumpur so he passed his stall to me and I have been manning it ever since,” said Farok whose father also managed one of the stalls at the same canteen in 1930.

“He took charge of one stall for two years but left soon after and ventured into other businesses,” he said.

Canteen work is not smooth-sailing for Farok, a father of five, as there are phases when he does not earn enough.

“We have to be able to adjust ourselves to the lives of the students in order to survive. Our business will peak at the start of the new term but when it comes to the mid-term holidays, our business will slow down.”

It is not all doom and gloom as there are advantages to it as well, said Farok.

“We can at least know what to expect from our income as it is constant most of the time as the school intake of students is almost the same each year.”

An outgoing person who loves fishing with friends and watching football, Farok said he would be retiring once all of his children begin to work.

“I do not regard this business as a family business. I do not see my children taking over the business as they are heading into fields such as engineering, information communication technology and medicine.”

Asked about his fond memories, he said that it must be the students who came back to visit him.

“After many years, it is touching to see them coming back to visit and catch up with me, especially with one student who is like my own brother.

“He went to study overseas but after years of not communicating, he still remembers me and drops by to visit me whenever he is in town,” he said.

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Monday, 29 November 2010

Another Free Has left us.

Today, on the 28th of November 2010, we bid farewell to Tun Dato' Seri Dr. Lim Chong Eu who was the second Chief Minister of Penang and also an Old Free.

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