Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dear Frees, Currently a little busy with work and stuff... If anyone happen to stumble upon this blog and would like to contribute, Just send an email to KK Ng, via kkng_882000@hotmail.com and I would be happy to post up any articles that you can contribute! Otherwise, I am contactable at 017 4539288 Do tell!

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  1. Penang Free School

    Let us march onto fame
    Let the aisles proclaim
    Till our anthem will dare us to do
    Let us onwards to win and new laurels gain
    Free School for the brave and for the true!

    It matters neither how straight the gate
    Nor how charged with dangers the goal
    Let the tempest rage and fell odds inflate
    We’ll to it with heart and soul.

    When duty calls be it school or state
    We’ll do it with God by our side
    For the sons of Free School don’t hesitate
    Nor let cool their zeal and pride.

    Let us all then join in this Jubilee
    All with one loud voice to proclaim
    Our true loyalty and our constancy
    To our mater still remain.

    The school anthem is played at the end of official assembly and on occasions such as Old Frees gathering. Music and lyrics written by G.S. Reutens, a former teacher, circa 1960s.